Burger King Chicken Nuggets Review

Chicken nuggets are really a staple food item for the majority of fast-food restaurant chains, so how does BK stay ahead of all this game, or at least on par with the competitors? Occasionally, this fantastic franchise changes the recipe; I have seen a change in size, shape, and flavor over the past few years.

But now Burger King has discovered a new way of keeping up with the Joneses, by providing crazy cheap nuggets at larger portion sizes. Ten nuggets for just under two dollars is an incredible deal cost-wise, but is it really worth it?

Inspiration & History:

Burger King has provided chicken nuggets since the year 1985, but everything has changed along the way. They now offer ten chicken nuggets at a crazy low cost of 1.49 dollars, and at times this cost hovers around one dollar.

How is it possible to serve chicken nuggets at this cost and still make profits? According to the consultancy group of Burger King, the idea is to bring in consumers from different other fast-food restaurant chains. With a crazy good deal or a value menu, they can get consumers through the door and then persuade them to purchase other food items.

The franchise might lose a bit of cash on chicken nuggets, but they catch up on it in different other sales. And it seems to be functioning, as they are maintaining the share, keeping pace with their competitors.

Burger King Chicken Nuggets Types:

Burger King serves the Spicy Chicken Nuggets as well as the Classic Chicken Nuggets. Unluckily, the spicy chicken nuggets are not actually a part of the permanent menu at Burger Kings, but they enter the scene every now and then for shaking everything up.

This summer season, participating outlets provided an eight-pack of spicy chicken nuggets for just one dollar, an incredible deal for those of us who love a spicy kick to the meals. If you’ve a craving for some spicy chicken nuggets throughout the offseason, try to dip your regular chicken nuggets in the Zesty Sauce at Burger King.

Burger King Chicken Nuggets Review:

Burger King explains the chicken nuggets as small bites with big flavor.Chicken Nuggets Review

Prepared with white meat, these bite-sized Chicken Nuggets are crispy on the outside and juicy and tender on the inside. They got the small bites part right. As far as the flavor is concerned, it is decent, but is it all it is marketed to be?

  • Texture & Taste:

The chicken nuggets are a little smaller than a few of the other chicken nuggets available. The breading is not mainly thick, and truthfully, neither is the chicken. If they are super fresh off the fryer, they’ve that little crunchy bite, but if they have been sitting there for longer than some minutes, then that crunch factor shrinks considerably.

The plus side of that is that BK provides ten-piece chicken nuggets because a four or five-piece just would not cut it. Taste-wise, these chicken nuggets are decent. They really have a great mix of pepper and salt seasoning, and the breading is middle-range crunchy. They are not on the whole exciting in either appearance or taste, but you can add to the flavors with some dipping sauce; I really love that honey mustard sauce.

  • Are They Healthy?

The deep-fried nuggets typically are not the healthiest choice. They are high in sodium and fat, and the meat is not as finest as a few ads may promise. However, the Chicken Nuggets at Burger King are not as unhealthy as a few of their other food items.

They’ve more fat than their grilled chicken sandwich but much fewer calories and sodium. While lean meat is a good protein source, the chicken nuggets give you about twenty grams of protein- so that is definitely a plus. It is a great idea to pair the nuggets with a salad or some veggies if you desire the meal to provide a little nutritional value.

  • Are They Worth It?

It’s a fantastic deal for nuggets at 1.69 dollars for ten-piece nuggets, albeit they are small in size and a bit thinner than a few of the other fast-food chicken nuggets; children like them, and with a drink and fries, it is a decent option for lunch to go for. BK is a convenient fast-food choice, as you can locate an outlet just about anywhere in the United States and in a foreign country, so if you are searching for a cheap and quick chicken nugget fix, it would be a great option.


I am not a big fan of BK’s Chicken Nuggets. While the cost is fantastic for the portion size, they are not the finest nuggets available. The flavor is not memorable, and you require some dipping sauce for giving your chicken nuggets a little pizzazz. The great part of the chicken nuggets is that there’re ten of them, but I would rather have five or six tasty nuggets that charge more than ten so-so nuggets. However, my children have never complained about these, and keeping children full and happy is definitely a plus!

Burger King Chicken Nuggets Nutrition Facts

Serving Size: 10 Nuggets

  • Protein: 20g
  • Sugars: 0g
  • Trans Fat: 0.0g
  • Saturated Fat: 4.5g
  • Total Fat: 27g
  • Calories: 430
  • Dietary Fiber: 2g
  • Total Carbohydrates: 27g
  • Sodium: 780mg
  • Cholesterol: 55mg

Burger King Chicken Nuggets Pricing:

While the four-piece nugget is priced at 1.19 dollars, BK is providing their ten-piece for 1.49 dollars competing with the diffident other fast-food giants such as McDonald’s and Wendy’s. However, if you have eaten these chicken nuggets before, you may see that this cost point has changed over the past few years.

At one time, the chicken nuggets were nearly two dollars, and at another, they’re as low as one dollar. The cost of chicken is at significant lows, giving BK and different other restaurants a little wiggle room for playing with the cost, working in favor of chicken-loving people.