Classic Burger Comparison – Big Mac Vs. Whopper

The Whopper from Burger King and the Big Mac from McDonald’s are probably the most popular food items when it comes to fast food. Both of these burgers are really the backbone of these two fast-food giants because of the value, overall taste, and popularity.

Although beef is used in both of these burgers, there is still some difference in their taste. Now let’s get into the comparison of both of these amazing burgers.

The Big Mac:

This burger is really not an average burger at all. When you see this burger for the first time, you will definitely be surprised by the way this burger looks. That is mainly because it does not come with an ordinary bun. You will see the three-piece bun that comprises the top, middle, and bottom.

Classic Burger Comparison

There are two meat patties in the big mac that are separated by the middle bun piece.

The other ingredients that can be found in the Big Mac are the special secret sauce, two 100 percent pure beef patties, lettuce, American cheese, pickles, and minced onions. If you are a bit like then, you will almost certainly ask the staff to hold the onions.

The Whopper:

The Whopper actually looks like an oversized burger when it is compared to the Big Mac. But the looks of this burger really do not do any justice to it. This burger is probably one of the most delicious burgers your money can purchase. You also get to have three options with the Whopper: single, double, and triple patty.

The ingredients that are used for making this fantastic burger are onions, lettuce, a sesame seed bun, beef patty, mayo, pickles, tomatoes, and ketchup.

The Whopper does not have any sort of secret sauce as there is the case with the Big Mac, but it does not make this burger any worse. The great thing about this fantastic burger is that it is really juicy. The combination of all the amazing ingredients used to make the Whopper really causes a tangy eating experience and a fulfillment for the taste buds.

The Whopper Vs. The Big Mac Comparison:

So how do such amazing American burgers stack up against each other? This comparison is going to be about the single patty Whopper against the Big Mac since the serving sizes of these two are quite similar (277g for the Whopper and 215g for the Big Mac).

Big Mac Vs. Whopper

Just for the sake of this comparison, the serving size is 417g for the Triple Whopper and 347g for the Double Whopper.

Is there any reason behind calling it a Whopper? As you can really tell by the size of the serving, even a Whopper with a single patty is much larger than the Big Mac. It means that it has 6 g of fat, 11 g of carbs, and 80 calories more than the Big Mac. Both of these burgers are still comparable and very similar to each other despite the Whopper comes with more calories than the Big Mac.

Now, it is all about which one you like the most. The Big Mac is actually a bit unique because of its special sauce and the buns. However, the Whopper has a thicker and softer patty which makes it really juicy.

Albeit the Whopper is the bigger burger of these two, the Big Mac will really run you about fifty more cents.


If you have not tried any of these burgers, then which one will you choose to try out first? Well, my first preference would definitely be the Big Mac. The Big Mac is definitely a fantastic burger to have every so often, and it can really give a treat to your taste buds.

But be careful, too many Big Macs, and you’re looking at a very unhealthy lifestyle coupled with a likely weight gain. And it’d most likely be accurate with either of these two amazing burgers.