Domino’s Menu prices UK

Find the Domino’s 2021 menu prices here. Mouth waters when you think about the domino’s pizza. Domino’s Pizza is a restaurant chain started by Tom Monaghan in the year 1960. Now they have 200 franchise outlets all over the country. The company started its first branch in the UK in 1985. So, we have given a chart here, to let you know about the Domino’s menu prices UK.

Domino’s-Menu-prices-UKDomino’s is very successful in the United Kingdom as they hand-tossed dough and a delicate topping. They promise to deliver your pizza in thirty minutes, so take a look at the Domino menu UK and place an order online if you do not want to go to the store.

The best part is you can get a discount at domino’s pizza too. We have included Domino’s voucher for menus also. Now, you do not need to waste your time searching for the Domino’s menu and prices. We have made them available here.

Domino’s Menu UK:

WE Have Update The Prices of Domino’s for August 2020.

Domino’s Classic Pizzas Prices

Personal (7”)

Small (9.5”)

Medium (11.5”)

Large (13.5”)

Ultimate bacon cheeseburger£8.99£16.49£18.49£19.99
Original Cheese 🧀 & Tomato 🍅£5.49£11.99£13.99£15.99
Chicken Feast£6.99£14.49v£16.59£17.99
Texas BBQ£7.99£15.49£17.49£18.99
Pepperoni Passion£7.99£15.49£17.49£18.99
Vegi Supreme£7.99£15.49£17.49£18.99
Hot & Spicy 🌶🌶£7.99£15.49£17.49£18.99
Domino’s Tandori Hot 🌶🌶£8.99£16.59£18.49£19.99
The Cheeseburger£8.99£16.59£18.49£19.99
Mighty Meaty£8.99£16.59£18.49£19.99


Tasty chicken

Price for 7

Price for 14

Chicken Kickers 🌶£5.99£9.99
Chicken Strippers£5.99£9.99
Chicken Wings£5.99£9.99
Strippers combo£7.49 (one portion)


Sumptuous sides


Garlic Dippers£3.99
Garlic Pizza Bread£3.99
Potato Wedges£3.99




Lotta-chocca Pizza£4.99
Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream£5.99



500 ml

1.25 ltr

Coca-Cola Classic£1.50£2.25
Diet Coke£1.50£2.25
Coca-Cola Zero£1.50£2.25
Glaceau Smart Water£1.50(600ml)


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Domino’s Pizza Recipes:



Ultimate bacon cheeseburger

  • Double Ground Beef

  • Fresh Tomatoes

  • Onions

  • Sliced Gherkins

  • Double Smoked Bacon

  • Drizzled W/ Special Burger Sauce

Original Cheese🧀 & Tomato 🍅

  • Cheese (even more cheese)

  • Tomato


  • Ham

  • Pineapple

  • Mushrooms

Chicken Feast

  • Chicken Breast Strips

  • Sweetcorn

  • Mushrooms

Texas BBQ

  • Tangy BBQ sauce

  • Topped with Smoked Bacon

  • Chicken Breast Strips

  • Onions

  • Green & Red Peppers

Pepperoni Passion

  • Extra Pepperoni

  • Extra Mozzarella Cheese

  • Tomato Sauce Base

Vegi Supreme

  • Onions

  • Green & Red Peppers

  • Sweetcorn

  • Mushrooms 🍄

  • Tomatoes 🍅

Hot & Spicy 🌶 🌶

  • Ground beef

  • Onions

  • Green & Red Peppers

  • Jalapeño Peppers 🌶

Domino’s Tandori Hot 🌶 🌶

  • Tandori Chicken

  • Onions

  • Green & Red Peppers

  • Mushrooms 🍄

  • Jalapeño Peppers 🌶

The Cheeseburger

  • Double Ground Beef

  • Fresh Tomatoes

  • Onions

  • Sliced Gherkins

  • Double Smoked Bacon

  • Drizzled w/ Special Burger Sauce

Mighty Meaty

  • Pepperoni Ham

  • Ground Beef 🥩

  • Sausage

  • Onions

  • Mushrooms 🍄

  • Mozzarella Cheese 🧀


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We have tried to write the correct prices only, but if you see any mistake, please contact us. We will make changes immediately so everyone can check a relevant price list. Enjoy your Wisconsin cheese pizza, Spanish and feta pizza, Philly cheese steak pizza or sandwiches and pasta, etc.

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Delivery versus Take-Home:

Choose a take-home option or order a home delivery; there is a difference in the prices. Don’t want to get wet in the rain to get Domino’s pizza; then home delivery is the best option. But the delivery cost is added, and you have to pay more for your pizza. When you choose the take-home option, you get a big fat discount on pizza as delivery charges are not included.

It will probably take less than 30 minutes to get a pizza. You can phone ahead of order online to save time.  Get in the car and be back with your favorite pizza in 30 minutes. Check the price list and order your pizza now.

Domino’s pizza is a pizza chain that operates over ten thousand restaurants worldwide. It’s the 2nd-largest pizza chain in the US and the largest worldwide. Although we show Domino’s prices below, you ought to visit to see more accurate costs for your area. Albeit Domino’s is mainly a pizza restaurant chain, they’ve very much expanded their menu because of competition.

Presently, Domino’s sells food like bread, pasta, chicken wings, sandwiches, and salads as well as pizzas. The pizzas have crusts comprising pan, hand-tossed, Brooklyn style, thin, and artisan. The sizes of pizza you can pick are large, medium, small, and extra-large. Domino’s Pizza was launched back in 1960 by Tom Monaghan in Ypsilanti, Michigan. Today, the headquarter of this fantastic restaurant is located in Ann Arbor Township, Michigan.

Domino’s prices are comparable to the other two big pizza chains Papa John’s and Pizza Hut. Domino’s permits its consumers to customize the pizzas as much as they desire to do; however, appending a lot of toppings can greatly add to the cost as well. If you desire to save some cash the next time you get something from Domino’s, you can make use of Domino’s coupons.

For knowing more about Domino’s, please go to the official website.

Frequently Asked Questions About Domino’s:

Where Was The First Domino’s Opened?

The first Domino’s restaurant was opened in Ypsilanti, Michigan. Sadly, it is no longer in the structure that it began in.

What Year Was Domino’s Actually Founded?

It was founded back in 1960 after the owners choose to takeover an already-existing pizza place known as DomiNick’s. The Domino’s founders saw promise in the local pizza outlet and paid a whopping nine hundred dollars for that building, a commendable investment if you ask us.

Who Started Domino’s?

James Monaghan and Tom Monaghan started this place. Before their ownership, a man named Dominick DiVarti owned the original Domino’s, and the pizza chain was known as DomiNick’s. After James and Tom Monaghan purchased the restaurant, they changed its name to Domino’s.

How Many Domino’s Restaurants Are There?

There’re more than sixteen thousand Domino’s restaurants all around in the world. It has locations in more than eighty-five countries with a huge amount of outlets in Turkey, the US, the UK, Mexico, New Zealand, Australia, Ireland, South Korea, Canada, Japan, and the Netherlands.

Who Owns Domino’s?

Domino’s is actually owned by Bain Capital, Inc., the original Domino’s owner; Tom Monaghan owned this place up until 1998 when he chose to sell most of his stock to Bain Capital, renouncing his participation with the restaurant he assisted in creating from the ground up.

At the sale’s time, Mitt Romney was Bain Capital’s part and assisted in successfully closing the deal. And while this place grew considerably in the first decade of ownership of Bain Capital, it has since been in huge debt.

How Did Domino’s Get The Name?

Dominos obtained the name from one of the delivery drivers. When James and Tom Monaghan purchased this pizza restaurant, it was known as DomiNick’s; however, after some years, one of the drivers was delivering pizzas and returned to the shop with the thought of calling this fantastic restaurant Domino’s instead. James Monaghan liked the sound of it, and its name was then changed officially back in 1965.

What Time Does Domino’s Open?

This place opens at 10 am at the majority of locations. However, it’s a great idea to check the official website of the local restaurant or Google Maps to know when their working hours are. A few of Domino’s locations open a little later, at 10:30 or 11 am.

What Time Does Domino’s Close?

This restaurant closes at midnight at the majority of locations. At a few outlets, they’ll have extended hours for accommodating more consumers.

Closing time can be extended until 1, 2, or 3 am, relying on the day of the week and location. Again, it’s advisable to see with the local Domino’s location before going to the restaurant or placing your order online.

How Many Slices Are There In A Large Pizza At Domino’s?

A large pizza at Domino’s has eight slices, as well, but its slices are a little bigger than there are in the medium-sized pizza. A large pizza is fourteen inches. Domino’s advertises that the large pizzas normally feed around 3-5 individuals.

How Many Slices Are There In A Medium Pizza At Domino’s?

A medium pizza at Domino’s has eight slices. A medium pizza is twelve inches. Domino’s advertises that the medium-sized pizzas typically feed around two individuals.

How Can You Add Tip To Your Domino’s Order You Have Placed Online?

You can’t append any tip to your online Domino’s order. If you place your order online for carryout, you’ll sign a receipt at the restaurant and place a tip on that receipt.

If you place your order at Domino’s for delivery, you’ll sign that receipt upon delivery and can either put some tip on there using the credit card or give some cash tip.

How Can You Utilize The Domino’s Gift Card Online?

  • For making use of the Domino’s gift card online, you just have to append the order to the shopping cart and navigate to checkout.
  • See the order and click on the Continue Checkout option.
  • Then simply scroll down to the Gift Cards and Promotional Cards section and tick the Yes, I’ve the Domino’s Promotional Card or Gift Card checkbox.
  • Move on by simply typing in your PIN, gift card number, and the amount you desire to apply to the order.
  • Then click Apply Card.

This procedure works for both regular gift cards and E-gift cards; however, the E-gift cards can just be redeemed online, while you can make use of the regular gift cards both in-stores and online.

How Can You Cancel Your Domino’s Order?

For canceling your Domino’s order, you can just call the location that you have ordered your meal from and ask them to call off your order. There’s not a feature for canceling the order online.

However, it’s great to call the restaurant ASAP after you’ve ordered to make sure that they haven’t started preparing your order yet. If you order and disburse online and desire to cancel, you might not get the refund if the location has already started making the food.

How Far Does Domino’s Deliver?

Domino’s typically can deliver anywhere from 5-7.5 miles away. The delivery radius differs by your location, so it’s advisable to check on the internet or call the local Dominos location to check if they deliver in your region.

You can also go to Domino’s official site, start your order online, and enter the address to check which this place will travel to the location you are at.