Get These KFC Menu Deals Now

The KFC menu deals are really saving grace on the days when takeouts are calling the name. The crunchy and buttery drumstick really can make you forget all about how you burnt the casserole and concentrate again on the essential things in life like fried chicken.

KFC Menu Deals:

And the best thing is that you do not need to lug home a big bucket of legs and wings if you are just feeding two. You can definitely find many options for groups, couples, and individuals that are not just budget-friendly but also are soul-satisfying.

You can pick from numerous chicken-based combos and many buckets of biscuits, sides, and cookies, and also different drinks. Just thinking about the tasty flavors of the pressure-fried, twice-seasoned chicken will surely make you desire to get them now. Check out the following KFC menu deals at the KFC location near you today!

Combo Meals:

One of the most well-liked meal deals is the Colonel’s combos that combine the new menu items with the home-style favorites. You can pick any of the following combo meals that feature the Kentucky Fried classics:

  • The Popcorn Nuggets Combo comes with a medium drink and wedges.
  • Three Tenders Combo that contains biscuit, wedges, and a medium drink
  • The Doublicious Combo comes with a medium drink and wedges.
  • The Chicken Combo has two chicken pieces (one wing and one breast). It also has gravy, mashed potatoes, a medium drink, and a biscuit.
  • The Chicken Littles Combo comes with a medium drink and wedges.

If you are ordering one of these combo meals for a single person, then it is excellent. You can also share these combos with those who have smaller appetites. But, when you’re actually graced with the KFC’s presence, then a small appetite will probably not apply.

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Feed The Kids Chicken Combo:

According to this fantastic fast food restaurant chain, the kids are the future, well, the future of eating it is. At the KFC restaurants, you can find many meal deal combinations that are kid-friendly.

Feed The Kids Chicken Combo

Each of these meal deals comprises a choice of side, one piece of chicken, a drink, and a GoGo squeeze applesauce.

Side Note: If your children love to eat mac and cheese, then KFC really hits that out of the park with creamy and rich cheddar recipe.

Kentucky Grilled Chicken Combos:

KFC grilled chicken is contemplated one of the best fast-food chicken meals in the business. With the special seasonings and marinade, the chicken pieces are slow-grilled for getting the mouth-watering and tender meat and grill marks.

Kentucky Grilled Chicken Combos

KFC advertises it as an ideal summer meal that you can really enjoy at any time of the year. You can simply order this Kentucky Grilled Chicken in a bucker or a combo. The choices comprise the following:

  • Eight-Piece Bucket Meal that comes with eight pieces of chicken, four biscuits, and two large sides.
  • Two-Piece Chicken Combo that has two pieces of chicken (one wing and one breast), individual mashed potatoes, gravy, biscuit, and a medium-sized drink
  • Tenders And Popcorn Big Box Meal that comes with three tenders and popcorn. It also has individual servings of mashed potatoes, coleslaw, gravy, biscuit, and a medium drink as well.
  • Twelve Piece Bucket Meal that has, obviously, twelve pieces of chicken, six biscuits, and two large sides
  • Three-Piece Chicken Big Box Meal has coleslaw, three pieces of chicken, individual mashed potatoes, medium-sized drink, and biscuit.
  • Sixteen-Piece Bucket Meal comes with obviously sixteen pieces of chicken, eight biscuits, and four large sides.
  • Two-Piece Chicken And Popcorn Big Box Meal comes with a medium-sized drink, small popcorn, two pieces chicken, individual mashed potatoes, coleslaw, gravy, and biscuit.

The eight, sixteen, and twenty-piece bucket of grilled chicken will be the best choice if you are in large groups. When you get in the individual combos, then you’ll possibly disburse more overall for the whole group than when you buy a bucket meal.

$5 Dollars Fill-Ups:

If you are on a budget and still want to enjoy some legendary check dishes of KFC, then these five dollars Fill Ups would be the best option for you.

Kentucky Grilled Chicken Combos

For only five dollars, you can get the following:

  • Two-Piece Drumstick and Thigh, biscuit, mashed potatoes, a medium-sized drink, and cookie.
  • Famous Bowl, a medium drink and cookie.
  • Pot Pie, a medium drink, and a cookie.
  • Three Extra Crispy Tenders, biscuits, mashed potatoes, medium-sized drink, cookie, and dipping sauce.
  • Chicken Breast, biscuit, mashed potatoes, a medium drink, and cookie.

If you are in a large group, then you should check out the twenty dollars Fill Ups.

$10 Dollars Chicken Share:

KFC or Kentucky Fried Chicken claims that the chicken is a better-shared statement is a confirmed scientific fact, and we would need to agree.

$10 Dollars Chicken Share

For only ten dollars, you can pick any of these:

  • Twelve Hot Wings
  • Popcorn Nuggets
  • Six pieces of chicken
  • Nine Extra Crispy Tenders

$10 Dollars Popcorn Chicken:

You should get the extra-large popcorn chicken order for only ten dollars if you are in a large group. Order this deal either at the restaurant or online.

$10 Dollars Popcorn Chicken

If you have some leftover (you almost certainly would), then KFC also provides you the reheating instructions of the food. Each popcorn chicken order has three dipping sauces such as Honey BBQ Sauce, Finger-Lickin’ Good Sauce, Honey Mustard or Buttermilk Ranch.

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$20 Dollars Fill Up:

KFC is really about family meals. If you are in a group of 4 or 5 people, then this twenty dollars Fill Up would be the best option to go for at the restaurant.

$10 Dollars Popcorn Chicken

There’re some options to really pick from, like the eight-piece Extra Crispy Chicken, eight-piece Original Chicken Recipe, or twelve-piece Extra Crispy Chicken Tenders. You will also get four biscuits, a large order of coleslaw, and two large orders of gravy and mashed potatoes.

$30 Dollars Fill Up:

To the KFC line-up, this thirty dollars Fill Up is the most recent addition. This one provides you with the same tasty meals as the different other Fill Up meals.

$30 Dollars Fill Up

But you will also acquire twelve tender or eight additional chicken pieces on the bone on top of the eight-piece Extra Crispy Chicken, eight-piece Original Chicken Recipe, or twelve-piece Extra Crispy Chicken Tenders biscuits, coleslaw, and gravy and mashed potatoes.

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