KFC Menu Prices UK 2021

When you crave something delicious and crunchy, look no further than the most famous restaurant KFC. It is the world’s second-largest fast-food restaurant chain after McDonald’s.

Are you not able to find the 2021 KFC menu prices? Well, the KFC price list is not published online, and you would not be able to easily find the prices of the items you want to order. Since we are here to help you, we have given a list of current prices for the menu in general and the KFC prices for the UK in particular.

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KFC Menu Prices UK in 2021:

Bear in mind that KFC is a franchise, and prices may differ in the United Kingdom. Here are the updated menu and current prices for the restaurant for 2020.

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Kentucky Fried Chicken is the most popular on our website, which shows how much people in the UK love chicken. Craving for your favorite KFC chicken recipe? Check the prices on the list and place an order now. We have also given the KFC calorie chart so that you know how many calories you are taking.

KFC Menu Price 2020

In case you find that the prices given on the list are incorrect, feel free to contact us. We will check and update the KFC menu price list.

Find the menu prices and enjoy your favorite KFC meal.

Are the KFC restaurants closed because of Corona / Covid-19?

KFC restaurants are not closed, but you are not allowed to dine in the restaurants either. You can pick your meal from the restaurant and enjoy it at home. The restaurants are allowed to serve food, but it is highly essential to follow the guidelines. Your KFC has a drive, and you can pick your meal to take it home. The parking lots are also used to queue the cars when the KFC drive is crowded. Stay in the car and be in the queue. Once you receive your meal, take it home to enjoy it. You are not allowed to eat it in the parking lot.

Since Covid-19 cases are decreasing and the restaurants are reopening. But you need to be a responsible citizen and follow the SOPs. It is recommended to find the information about coronavirus from official sources.

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What to do if you see errors?

If you see any error in the price list given on this page, stay calm. Contact us and mention the right price. We will check the price and update the list on the page. We will give you a shout-out for being so helpful.

Finding the KFC menu prices was not that easy as they do not publish their price list. We have been searching for new KFC prices and coupons. Since there are no many KFC outlets that offer coupons, we were not able to find any. Some outlets offer coupons only on weekdays, so the chances of finding them are not high.

If you find KFC coupons, please contact us. We will feature them on this page.

CLASSIC MEALS (includes Fries & Drink) – Go LARGE 50p  


Fillet Tower£5.99
Zinger Tower£5.99
Zinger Stacker£6.89

Box Meals

Fillet Tower£7.19
Zinger Tower£7.19

Toasted Twister

Original Recipe£4.49

Original Recipe

3 Pieces£4.99
2 pieces£3.99


2 Pieces, 2 Hot Wings & Mini Breast Fillet£4.99

Popcorn Chicken


BBQ Rancher


Cajun Boxmaster


Boneless Dips Meal

3 Mini Fillets£4.99
4 Mini Fillets£5.99
& 2 dips of your choice
Tomato Ketchup 2Hot4U Classic Mayo Spicy Mayo
Sweet Chilli Kentucky BBQ

Kids Choice (Choose one from each step)

1-Small popcorn chicken
1-Mini Fillet & Dip
1-Kids Burger
2-Corn Cobette
2-Baked Beans
3-Fruit Shoot
3-Soft Drink
4-Innocent Fruit Tube
4-Munch Bunch Yoghurt
DELI DELUXE (including Fries & Drinks ) – go LARGE 50p
BBQ Rancher Burger£4.99
Cajun Boxmaster£4.99
Toasted Twister
BBQ Rancher£4.69
Original Recipe£4.69
BBQ Rancher£4.99
Original Recipe£4.99


Bargain Bucket (All include 4 Fries)

6 Pieces£12.99
10 Pieces£15.99
14 Pieces£18.99

Wicked Variety Bucket (All include: 8 Hot Wings, 4 Mini Breast Fillets

4 Fries, 2 Dips
6 Pieces£15.99
10 Pieces£19.99

Family Feast (All include 4 Fries, 2 Sides, 1.5 ltr Bottle)

6 Pieces£14.99
10 Pieces£17.99

Ultimate Dips Box (All include 4 Fries)

12 Mini Breast Fillets, 6 Dips£12.99
16 Mini Breast Fillets, 8 Dips£15.99

Deluxe Boneless Feast (All include Large Popcorn Chicken)

4 Fries, 2 Sides, 1.5 ltr Bottle
8 Mini Breast Fillets, 4 Dips£14.99
12 Mini Breast Fillets, 6 Dips£16.99
Add more
4 Pieces or 4 Mini Breast Fillets£3.39
8 Hot Wings£3.39
KRUSH’EMS (Upgrade your drink with any meal for 99p)
Strawberry Shortcake£1.99

Freshly Ground Coffee


Kream Ball

Summer Fruits Meringue£1.89
Indulgent Chocolate£1.89
Caramel Fudge£1.89



Mega Box£3.99
2 Hot Wings:£0.99
Mini Fillet£1.49



Lunch Box

2 Mini Breast Fillets, XL Fries£2.99

Snack Box

Sml Popcorn Chicken£1.99
1 Mini Breast Fillet£1.99
2 Hot Wings£1.99
1 Piece£1.99

Chicken pieces

1 Piece£2.09
2 Piece£3.39
3 Piece£4.49

KFC Halal:

Do you eat Halal meat? No problem! KFC is running about 120 Halal stores at the moment. To offer the KFC halal items across the UK, they will have to run a trial period.

There are many factors that can affect the price of the food items served in a restaurant. Though the prices of KF meals are reasonable, you may see a change based on inflation and the popularity of the item.

It is going to interesting to see what Brexit will do to the prices of big restaurant chains across the country. The pound has dropped. The UK is a huge food importer as some ingredients used in the restaurants have to be imported.

So, let’s see what changes KF makes to its prices. We here try to provide you an updated list so that you can know the actual price of your favorite meal at KFC.

Menu Price Picture:

KFC Menu Price Picture in London 2019:

KFC menu price image 2019

Sharing Buckets Menu Price Image 2019:

Sharing Buckets Menu Price Image KFC 2019

Image of Burger and Box Menu 2019 KFC:

Burger Meals and Box Meals prices 2019 KFC UK

KFC Menu Image 2018:

KFC 2018 Menu Image

Salads, Riceboxes and Meals for one TV Picture:

Salads, Riceboxes and Meals for one TV Picture

Picture of Sharing Buckets KFC:

Picture of Sharing Buckets KFC tv

If you don’t know the McDonald’s Menu Prices UK, then check it out as well.

Post cool stories about KFC:

Do you want to hear a great story about the founder of KFC? Do you know any interesting story about Kentucky Fried Chicken?

Let’s hear Colonel Sanders’s story, who became a billionaire at the age of 88.

He was too young when his father died. He was only 8 years old at that time. Colonel Sanders had to quit school when he was only 16. One year later, he had already lost four jobs. He tried a few more jobs but failed. Colonel Sanders tried his luck in the army and railroad, too but got washed out there. He was rejected in the law school.

Colonel Sanders married at a young age and became a father. He was only 19 when his daughter was born. His wife left him and took his daughter along. He did not succeed in getting his daughter back.

Then Colonel Sanders in a restaurant as a chef and dishwasher. Guess what he failed there too. Fortunately, he succeeded in getting his family back. At the age of 65, he retired from a useless life.

He received a 100 dollar Cheque from the government. He thought I couldn’t provide for myself, and this what the government is trying to say to me. Colonel Sanders committed suicide. But he failed that too.

Colonel Sanders thought he should start writing, but soon he realized that there is still a lot to do. He was good at cooking, so he borrowed some money and started making a recipe he loved, fried chicken.

He started selling it to neighbors first. Everyone just loved it!

After so many failures in life, Colonel Sanders, at the age of 88, became a billionaire. He was a self-made person who faced failures in life but did not stop till the day he became a successful man.

So, it was the story of the founder of KFC. If you want to share anything, leave us a comment.

Help us out by sending a picture from the menu from your local KFC restaurant.

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We are getting a lot of help from you guys to update our prices. Your assistance is helping us keep the lists updated. Thank You for your help.

If you find any price incorrect, tell us in the comment section, and don’t forget to mention the location where you bought it. We will check the price and update it.

KFC Coupons:

If you guys find KFC coupons, please let us know in the comments. We will add them here. They usually give them on the sidewalk near the KFC outlet. They usually offer a great discount when you buy 2 items on the same menu.

Coupons are made in the form of a barcode which can be scanned at the restaurant to get a discount. Getting a coupon allows you to enjoy your favorite meal at a discount.

Do you know if there’s any secret KFC menu?

We have heard about the McDonald’s secret menu but never heard that KFC also has a secret menu? Do you guys know anything about it? Have you heard any stories about the KFC secret menu? Let us know if you know some facts about it.

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