McDonalds Goes For Plastic Free Straws

Companies these days are working really hard to become more and more eco-friendly. McDonalds is now moving towards the paper straws from the plastic straws. This fast-food chain makes use of over 1.8 million straws every day in the United Kingdom alone. Different consumers have been pressurizing the company on switching to paper straws, and they have finally made a move towards it.

But now, a lot of consumers are concerned about this matter and think that paper straws can dissolve in their drinks, causing different health issues. And for that particular reason, they have submitted an online petition for reversing the decision.

Source BBC UK: McDonald’s paper straws cannot be recycled

Many users are making complaints online about the paper straws dissolving in their milkshakes even before they take a sip out of it. Other consumers are pleased that the straws would not be around in about four hundred years.

McDonalds Goes For Plastic Free Straws

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