McDonald’s McDouble Review

Cheeseburgers are classic items on any menu that is available at fast-food restaurants. At times, however, simply a standard cheeseburger is not enough to satisfy you. That is where the McDonald’s McDouble actually comes in. It is a level above the cheeseburger but still perfect for a quick bite. Now, let’s see what it really has to provide.

McDouble Nutrition

Serving Size1 burger
Calories From Fat160
Amount Per Serving% Daily Value*
Total Fat18g28%
Saturated Fat8.0g40%
Trans Fat1.0g
Total Carbohydrates33g11%
Dietary Fiber2g8%
Vitamin A10%
Vitamin C2%

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A Brief History Of The McDonald’s McDouble

Back in 1997, the well-known restaurant introduced the McDouble. The original name of this burger was Eddie the Echo. Back then, it was not technically the cheeseburger, as it did not have any cheese. They just topped the burger with tomatoes and lettuce. It was taken out from the menu and introduced again back in 2008 and has been accessible ever since.

Simple Ingredients:

The McDouble is actually something between a double cheeseburger and a cheeseburger. Look at it as if you are having another patty than the standard cheeseburger, or one less cheese slice than your double cheeseburger. It is a simple sandwich with straightforward ingredients. The McDouble is prepared of two one hundred percent pure beef patties, seasoned with just pepper and salt.

The toppings include crunchy onions, briny pickles, standard mustard and ketchup, and a slice of American cheese. McDonald’s also provides a Bacon McDouble that has almost the same ingredients, just with Applewood smoked bacon garnishing everything off. The cheeseburger itself does not have any colorings, preservatives, or artificial flavors. The pickles, conversely, do have some artificial preservatives, so great to evade them if you have a repugnance to anything artificial.

Is It Nutritious?

The McDouble perhaps one of the cheapest fast foods available, but whether it is nutritious is still up to question. In any situation, the burger has 390 calories, so 5 of such babies a day are sufficient for filling the everyday calorie requirement. That said, I absolutely would not suggest that sort of diet. The McDouble also has eighteen g of fat, eight g saturated, and just one g of trans fat.

It also has 33g of carbs, with 7g of sugar and 2g of fiber. And since it’s two beef patties, it has enough protein at twenty-two g. It also has 850mg of sodium and seventy mg of cholesterol, but that is pretty standard for the burger at McDonald’s. The bacon version of this burger has a little more protein and fat and 450 calories.

McDonald’s McDouble Review:

McDonald’s is not really a fine dining eating place, but you already acquaint that. With that in your mind, you cannot expect that much from the best food as well. However, McDonald’s McDouble is fantastic for its low price and simplicity. It is the cheapest burger with two patties the restaurant has on the menu, and it may just offer the most balanced nutrition, ingredients, and taste.

The star, or ought to I say stars of this burger, are the two beef patties. They are well seasoned and juicy. The issue with the regular cheeseburger is that it’s very cheese compared to the beef amount. The Double Cheeseburger, however, really takes everything a step ahead. The McDouble has an ideal balance of meatiness and cheesiness.

The buns are toasted on the inside and soft on the outside. They have briny pickles with that usual aftertaste. The American cheese is what gives the most flavors, but since it is just one slice, it is not overbearing. The sauces, along with the pickles, append a lot of acidity, but the patties in it counter-balance them well.

Where It Lies On The Scale:

The McDonalds McDouble is simply awesome. Albeit it was originally prepared for saving the restaurant cash, they accidentally came across one of the well-balanced items. It is nothing stunning, and it does not have any extreme ingredients. It is just a simple cheeseburger taken to perfection by appending another patty. With the cost of just 1.40 dollars, you cannot get a better cheeseburger for that cost anywhere. For that cause alone, it really deserves a solid eight out of ten!