Order The KFC Menu Specials For The Best Value For Your Money!

KFC or previously known as Kentucky Fried Chicken claims that its main product is really Finger-lickin’ good. There are a lot of different KFC menu specials from which you can pick your favorite.

Order The KFC Menu Specials:

By looking at such a fantastic menu, you will indeed find that having finger-lickin’ good meals at very reasonable costs is really possible. But what is really the secret? Let’s find out!

Go For The Meal Combos:

Picking from all the promos, combos, and specials can really be overwhelming sometimes. For the best value for the money, choose the KFC menu specials in the buckets or combos form. It’s particularly right when you’re in a large group of people. The amount of cash you will invest on the individual orders will be really high than the cash you will spend on the bucket and combo meals. So what these options really comprise? Let’s check!


Combos usually consist of numerous food items that are available on the menu so that the customers can really enjoy a side dish, an entrée, and a medium drink for washing ‘em down.

Bucket Meals:

A bucket meal has grilled or fried chicken in numerous sizes comprising eight, twelve, sixteen, and twenty price buckets. You can choose any of these sizes and will get biscuits, sides, and drinks with each of these buckets. If you don’t want to eat that classic fried chicken, then you can simply order chicken tenders in the bucket meal.

Well-Liked KFC Combos:

Now that you are aware of the different options available let’s have a close glance at a few of the top-selling menu specials at KFC. And if you still haven’t tried out the Nashville Hot Sandwich or popcorn nuggets combos at KFC, then we highly recommend that your reconsider the priorities.

Popcorn Nuggets Combo:

When it comes to the popcorn chicken, Kentucky Fried Chicken has always had a leg up on the competitors. You will get the crispy nuggets provided in a combo meal with a medium-sized drink and wedges. You can really enjoy this menu special at KFC in the form of the Big Box Meal with chicken, tenders, and sides. Its price is about 5.49 dollars.

Nashville Hot Sandwich Combo:

You should definitely go to the Music City from the comfort of a drive-through with this amazing Kentucky Fried Chicken menu special. This Nashville Hot Sandwich combo is on fire and has crunchy and cold pickles and mayonnaise. It also comes with a medium-sized drink and wedges. It costs around 5.99 dollars.

2-Piece Chicken Combo:

You can now get all of your favorite food items with the KFC Chicken Combo. Begin with a wing and a breast and then top it off some gravy and fluffy mashed potatoes, a medium-sized drink, and a biscuit. Its price is about 5049 dollars.

KFC Menu Specials For The Best Value

Current KFC Promotions:

If you have not come across what you have been looking for, then here are a few of the most delicious and affordable KFC menu special.

5 Dollars Fill Up:

This five dollars Fill Up is one of the most well-liked menu specials at KFC. It showcases sides, five fan favorites, and desserts for only five dollars. Currently, this menu special provides a five dollars Fill Up with Thigh and Drumstick, Chicken Breast, Extra Crispy Tenders, Pot Pie, and Famous Bowl. Its price is five dollars.

20 Dollars Fill Up:

For larger groups or families, you can simply go for the twenty dollars Fill Up. You and the entire group will get a large bowl of coleslaw, eight pieces of crispy chicken, gravy, mashed potatoes, and biscuits. Its price is just twenty dollars.

Other Reasonable KFC Menu Specials:

So, you do not desire a huge tub of fried chicken? Such KFC menu specials are not combos or buckets, but we could not leave them out. Combining new fan-favorites and KFC classics, such meals are filling and affordable.

KFC Go Cup:

You can really enjoy this KFC menu special as you drive home from work, saunter through a park, or run on a treadmill. This KFC menu special is made to take on the move. You can pick from Popcorn Nuggets, Chicken Littles, Extra Crispy Tenders, or Hot Wings stuffed in a huge cup with some potato wedges. Its price is about 2079 dollars.

Big Box Meal:

Colonel Sanders actually advertises this fantastic KFC menu special as a feast fit for the box. It is accessible in 4 diverse combos; try such Big Box Meals:

  • Three-piece chicken, individual gravy and mashed potatoes, biscuit, coleslaw, and a medium-sized drink.
  • Three tenders, individual gravy, and mashed potatoes, popcorn, biscuit, coleslaw, and a medium-sized drink.
  • Two-piece chicken, individual gravy and mashed potatoes, biscuit, coleslaw, popcorn, and a medium-sized drink.
  • Sandwich, coleslaw, wedges, small popcorn chicken, and a medium-sized drink.

Its price is about 7.99 dollars.

Ten Dollars Chicken Share:

You can easily share either six pieces of chicken, nine extra crispy tenders, 12 Hot Wings, or a lot of Popcorn Nuggets. Its price is just ten dollars.