Pizza Ranch Vs. Round Table Pizza Vs. Godfather’s Pizza!

If you’re asked to pick between Round Table Pizza, Pizza Ranch, and Godfather’s Pizza, which one would you choose? It’s an extremely hard choice to make. After all, these are a few of the largest and most loved pizza restaurant chains in the country. Here’re a few bits of information about these pizza chains.

Godfather’s Pizza:

This place has been working for forty years. Their first restaurant was started opened in Omaha, NE, back in 1973. In 1990, it became the fifth-biggest pizza chain in the country.

Back in 2011, they had 622 restaurants in thirty-nine states. This fast-food restaurant chain serves chips, pizza, pasta, breadsticks, salads, and cookies. You can also enjoy their buffets. You can pick from diverse pizza crusts like Mozza loaded, thin, original, and golden. Recently, they introduced pizza prepared using rice flour which is gluten-free.

The commitment to offer consumers with the best and freshest tasting pizza prepared with one hundred percent nutritious ingredients and mozzarella cheese stays strong to this day. The dough is prepared fresh every day, and the cheese is also grated on-site, along with the signature sauce and the toppings.

When dining at any of this restaurant’s locations, you can pick from two item pizzas, six-item pizzas, four-item pizzas, and eight’s are wild.

Pizza creations comprise Classic, Just Cheese, Hamlet, Western, Aloha, U-Pic-2, Vegetarian, Hawaiian, Meateaters, Kelly’s Kraving, Have It My Way, Mexican, The Leonardo, The Michelangelo, The Raphael, and The Donatello. You can also get salads, extra toppings, subs, breads, and panzerotti.

Pizza restaurant chain

Round Table Pizza:

The Round Table Pizza restaurant chain has been around for more than fifty years, and they keep on making innovative pizza for everybody to love. From the humble start-ups in Menlo Park, California, they’ve now grown to five hundred different locations.

What is really remarkable about this fast-food restaurant chain is that the pizza dough they make use of is always fresh. They roll their dough themselves each day.

Their cheddar cheese is flawlessly aged, combined with whole milk mozzarella and provolone for producing their well-known cheese blend. The commitment of Round Table Pizza to freshness and quality is unmatched, and to this day, they’re renowned for the freshly prepared pizza.

When dining at any restaurant of this fantastic chain, you will be treated to some innovative and fantastic pizza creations, and you can also pick your own crust, sauce, and toppings. A few of their most well-liked creations comprise Montague’s All Meat Marvel, King Arthur’s Supreme, and Maui Zaui. You can also get appetizers, artisan flatbreads, sandwiches, and salads.

Pizza Ranch:

The Pizza Ranch Inc. was founded over three decades ago in Hull, Iowa, back in 1981 as a fast-casual chain. Today they’ve over one hundred and eighty locations in thirty-one states. When dining at this restaurant, you have two options: either you can order from their menu, or you can have some food from the buffet they have set up. You can also get regular pizzeria food items like Cactus Bread, Cheesy Ranch Stix, and Buffalo wings.

You can also get the special and salads and extremely well-liked Crispy Ranch Chicken. This restaurant chain prides itself on the quality and delicious food as well as the awesome service. The legendary Buffet Your Way at this place really allows the diners to get any pizza they desire.

For the menu food options, you can pick the gluten-free crust prepared using rice flour. House specialties comprise Texan, Taco, Prairie, RoundUp (huge favorite), Bronco, Trailblazer, BBQ Chicken Stampede, Chicken Bacon Ranch, and Tuscan Roma.

Which One Is The Better Pizza Chain?

Well, it is really difficult to say. I think it all boils down to the personal favorite. On the whole, however, Pizza Ranch has been well-liked at all times for the buffet-style dining. When you can pick any pizza you desire and then have the range served to the table, it is no surprise that individuals flock to such a restaurant chain for having some pizza treat.

If you’ve a big appetite and an evenly huge desire for pizza, then Pizza Ranch can really be the ideal option for you. Conversely, if you are particular about quality, nutrition, and freshness, then the Round Table is hands down the best option to go for. They always make use of the freshest ingredient, and their dough is prepared daily. Unluckily, their costs are rather steep compared to the other restaurant chains mentioned here anyway.

But if you are not really concerned about the price and would rather go for the quality, you cannot go wrong with the Round Table. But if you are searching for some reasonably priced pizza that still tastes awesome, you would need to check out what Godfather’s Pizza provides to the customers.

This fantastic restaurant chain is recognized for the low-priced pizza buffets, and they have a lot of options available. Plus, the atmosphere here brings you back to the old times, which’s always good.

So, make your choice. Again, it really relies on what you are searching for in a pizza restaurant chain. Pick from these three well-liked dining places and enjoy the pizza!