Sonic Blast Review

Now that the warmer temps are coming around, it’s the best time to try out a few of Sonic’s sweet treats, particularly the Sonic Blasts, a tasty blend of ice cream and cookie or candy pieces with some whipped cream on top.

How Did It Start?

Sonic actually launched their Blasts in the winter season of 2014. A few people thought it was a little strange to serve a new line of frozen treats during frozen weather, but the Blasts were definitely a hit. Really, ice cream is the best at any time of the year, right?

The idea behind serving Sonic Blasts was to actually make their well-liked milkshakes more indulgent with premium ingredients and flavors. Besides, different other fast-food restaurant chains started serving similar desserts, like the Wendy’s Frosty and McDonald’s McFlurry.

Just for additional pizzazz, Sonic is now serving a flavorful core to every Sonic Blast with a flavor funnel of caramel, peanut butter, chocolate, or Oreo stuffing. The Flavor Funnels run all through the center of your Sonic Blast from top to bottom so that you can have even more flavor with every bite!

Sonic Blast Menu

Types Of Sonic Blasts:

Sonic serves four different Flavor Funnel flavors and seven diverse Blast flavors; the base of the Sonic Blasts remains the same, a cup of whipped vanilla ice cream, but every Blast has the option of the preferred cookies, candies, or sweet flavors.

Sonic Blast Options:

  • Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Sonic Blast
  • Reese’s Overload Blast
  • Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Blast
  • Sonic Blast prepared with Snickers Bars
  • Sonic Blast prepared with Butterfinger candy
  • Sonic Blast prepared with Oreo Cookie Pieces
  • Sonic Blast prepared with M&M’S Chocolate Candies

Flavor Funnel Options:

  • Chocolate
  • Oreo Cream
  • Caramel
  • Peanut Butter

Sonic Blasts Review:

Sonic Blasts really kick your milkshakes into high gear with additional sweet flavors utilizing a few of the preferred cookies and candies. The franchise makes use of the real vanilla ice cream, but they whip or mix it so that it is even more like a shake than ice cream.

It is full-bodied, rich, and creamy, making it one of the favorite ice cream options of America. The mix of candies is exceptional; you will likely get a bite of candy at least in every spoonful. And with different sizes, you can choose your indulgence level.

Texture & Taste:

I am a huge fan of Sonic’s milkshakes and ice cream. I like that they make use of real vanilla ice cream and that whipping to it gives it that additional body I really like. I also love that I can both eat it with my spoon and drink it using a straw.

Every Sonic Blast has its own flavor of candy, and I mainly like Butterfinger and Reese’s pieces in mine. The Flavor Funnel is a little too sweet for me, but if I had to choose a favorite, I’d pick the Oreo cream stuffing. I mean, the cream is definitely the best part of Oreos!

Are They Healthy; The Nutrition Facts: 

As you may anticipate, the very sweet Sonic Blast isn’t the healthiest dessert option you can go for. It is pretty high in carbs and calories, so it may be better to save them for a special occasion or some free day. I can never finish one, even a smaller one, but my children help me out with that.

Nutrition Facts For A Large Sonic Blast:

  • 1880 calories
  • 233g carbs
  • 27 grams of protein
  • 305mg cholesterol
  • Less than one gram of dietary fiber
  • 1160mg sodium
  • 203 grams of sugars

Are They Worth It?

If you are searching for a dessert while you are on the move, then it’s an excellent choice. The cost is pretty decent, and the sweetness aspect can be kicked up some notches, relying on the preference. The cookies and candies are well-liked options for the majority of us, and mixing and matching are actually part of all the fun. With the added option of comprising a Flavor Funnel, the Sonic Blasts have a lot of tasty flavor combos.


While a few other franchises serve similar desserts, I like Sonic’s better because the ice cream flavor here is very tasty. You really cannot go wrong with any of the additional flavors because the base is really excellent. I like the Sonic vanilla milkshake to the more indulgent Blast because I do not feel as heavy or full after having it, and I love to sip on it as a drive.

However, I will try more or less anything with Butterfinger or Reese’s in it. It’s a sweet sugary treat that everybody in the family loves, and because you can get it in a drive-thru and a drive-in, it really makes for a fantastic dessert choice.

Sonic Blasts Pricing:

Sonic ice cream is one of the least pricey ones around. Costs begin at as low as 2.19 dollars, and with the different other dessert choices, they are more often than not no more than about five dollars. Sonic Blasts are a well-liked menu item, and even with all the delicious cookies and candies, the costs are still reasonable, from 2.89 dollars for a small to a bit over five dollars for a large.