Spud U Like Menu Prices UK

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Spud U Like is one of the most popular restaurants in the United Kingdom. It specializes in the baked potatoes also called “Spuds” in colloquial British English. So, if you think that only chips can be made with potatoes, then you must visit Spud U Like restaurant. They serve freshly baked potatoes with a variety of mouthwatering fillings. Also, you can try their garlic bread, cakes and bakes, muffins, and side salads. Don’t forget to order hot or cold drinks.

Spud U Like Menu

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Spud U Like Menu Prices:

Baked & Filled

Classic Beans & Cheese£5.49
Coleslaw Salad (side dish)£1.40
Cottage Cheese & Chives low fat from Longley Farm£4.59
Egg Mayo made with Hellmann’s Light£4.39
Chilli con Carne£6.49
Tuna & Sweetcorn Mayo made with Hellmann’s Light£5.89
Chicken Tikka£5.99
Prawn Cocktail made with Hellmann’s Light£7.49

Crushed & Topped

Rocket & Parmesan with toasted pine nuts and a pesto dressing£4.79
Greek Feta Salad with olives, sun blushed tomato and a basil dressing£5.99
Line-Caught Tuna with sliced egg, red onion and a classic french dressing£5.89
Parma Ham with dry-cured ham, parmesan and a balsamic dressing£5.49
Chicken Caesar Salad with chicken breast, parmesan and a Cardini Caesar dressing£6.99


Bramston Pickle£0.40
Garlic Bread (2 slices)£1.10
Garlic Bread (3 slices)£1.50
Coleslaw Salad£1.40
Chopped Red Onion£0.40
Bacon Pieces£0.60
Extra Cheese£1.00


Cold Drinks
Pepsi/Diet Pepsi£1.99£
Pepsi Max/7 UP£1.99£
Mineral Water£1.99£
Juicy Drench£2.10£
Fruit Shoot5£1.40£

Hot Drinks

Caffe Latte£2.15
Caffe Mocha£2.10
Deluxe Hot Chocolate£2.15

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