What Are Starbucks Business Objectives?

Like every business, Starbucks also has a mission statement. It comprises innovation, cultural development, accountability, and high performance as elements of the values of the company. This corporate mission statement describes the goals of the company.

Goals, Strategies & Tactics:

According to the annual report 2011 of Starbucks, their goal is to maintain the business standing as one of the most respected and recognized businesses in the entire world. They want to attain all the respect and to be known through the usage of environmental stewardship and ethical sourcing.

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If the business makes use of ethical sourcing, the customer would be more tempted to buy from them because they acquaint that it’s reliable and the individuals are fairly disbursed for the coffee beans.

It can also apply to the business being environmentally conscious because it’s an extremely significant issue that can really impact the world and once again is another aspect that permits the consumer to appeal to the Starbucks products more.

Their policy is to advertise and promote their use of ethically sourced products to the people and environmentally print on the products (tissues, cups, bag, and cup sleeves) that they’re eco-friendly; this serving as the continuous reminder that they’re environmentally conscious.

The retail objective of Starbucks is to be the leading brand and retailer of coffee in the entire target markets by selling the best quality coffee and different other related products and by offering every consumer a unique experience.

The strategy that Starbucks has is to expand the retail business globally for increasing the market share in a disciplined way, by opening the additional outlets selectively in existing and new markets, as well as adding to the sales in the existing outlets, for supporting the long-standing strategic objective.

Their goal is also to have better customer service as well as well-maintained and clean company-operated outlets that reflect the communities’ personalities in which they work, thereby creating a high degree of consumer loyalty. Their tactics would be to come up with innovative and new products for creating a loyal consumer supporting their strategy.

Significance Of Goals In Managing The Organization:

Setting out such goals for their company can really make a common long-standing objective to work towards rather than every department having their own objective. It can also promote many new and amazing ideas on how to improve the business for maintaining Starbucks standing as one of the most respected and recognized businesses in the whole world.

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