Starbucks Flat White Review

If you’re just like me, an excellent cup of joe will always make the day a bit brighter. That is the cause why I like coffee and make it a point to have it daily. I also love experimenting with my coffee, and when a coffee shop or a café does a really exciting take on it, I get extremely excited about trying it out.

That being said, I’ve just recently tried Flat White espresso at Starbucks, even though it came out a few years ago, and it is now one of the main drinks.

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How’s A Flat White Prepared?

This coffee style is actually based on the espresso, with the adding up of the steamed milk. It is awesome for anybody that really loves cream in the drink but also likes the kick from very strong coffee. A flat white is more often than not prepared from 2 espresso shots mixed with milk that’s been already steamed and a micro-foam layer for topping it all off. The method is the most significant part of preparing a great flat white, and the texture and flavor are all because of that, and not because of the coffee bean grounds or the milk type.

Where It All Started?

Where it comes from is a highly controversial topic, and it’s still up for discussion, but the two most likely areas seem to be the native land of the Maori (New Zealand) and the land of the Outback (Australia). What’s not up to discussion is that it was actually invented back in the eighties, almost certainly in the early years.

In the following years, it’s spread across a lot of different countries, comprising the United States, and has now become an extremely common drink in the coffee spots that concentrate on specialty beverages. Later on, individuals from the region switched from consuming regular coffee to having some espressos. It actually caused them to search for something diverse from the cappuccino, which was offered with foamed milk that created peaks.

They actually requested their coffee to be prepared flat, as in without that fancy foam. After further experimentation with this drink, they thought of appending a layer of micro-foam on its top to differentiate it totally from the cappuccino. A few years ago, Starbucks began offering flat whites as a substitute to the latte, the most well-liked espresso-based beverage in the United States, and it has since been contemplated a part of the mainstream.

Starbucks Flat White review

The Main Difference Between A Latte And A Flat White:

The major thing that actually separates a flat white and a latte is the milk ratio to espresso. The milk texture is quite similar in both of the beverages, although a flat white is actually more aerated, so it’s a little smoother. The flat whites are usually offered in smaller cups than the lattes. Flat White at Starbucks actually comes just in Tall, while you can drink lattes in Venti or Grande.

How Does Flat Whites Compare To Lattes?

As a more strong coffee, a Flat White has less milk and consequently has a bit stronger flavor of the coffee. Because two shots of coffee are utilized for making the Flat White, it also contains more caffeine.

Starbucks’ Flat White Review:

  • Texture & Taste:

First off, you’ll be astonished that the baristas at each Starbucks are quite consistent with how the coffee is really prepared. When prepared well, it’s a pretty damn awesome cup of coffee. It has an extremely rich taste of coffee, and the milk’s micro-foam makes the beverage extremely creamy. Albeit it has less milk than the traditional latte, it really tastes a lot stronger and smoother as well.

  • Is It Healthy?

Starbucks’ Flat White has nine g of fat, 170 calories, nine g of protein, and fourteen g of carbs, and all of that derives from the milk used to make it, as the coffee itself has no value of nutrition, but it does contain 154mg of caffeine. Because there’s less milk in flat whites than in lattes, it has fewer calories, and if you’re trying to lose a little weight but unwilling to stop having milk coffee daily, going from a latte to the flat white might be a great choice.

  • Is It Worth It?

A tall Flat White charges about 3.75 dollars, and a tall Starbucks Latte is about 2.95 dollars, so a tall Flat White costs eighty cents more. A big point to contemplate besides the cost is that since it needs a little know-how to prepare a flat white, it might differ from not just one Starbucks outlet to the other but also from one barista to the other.

The Bottom Line:

I’d say that it is an extremely nice beverage, but because of the cost, I’ll not be making it an everyday beverage. However, you ought to definitely try one if you are looking to change up the usual order.

Starbucks Flat White Nutrition

A tall, hot flat white with 2 percent milk contains this nutrition.
Serving Size8 fl oz
Calories From Fat30
Amount Per Serving% Daily Value*
Total Fat4g6%
Saturated Fat2.0g10%
Trans Fat0.0g
Total Carbohydrates9g3%
Dietary Fiber0g0%
Vitamin A6%
Vitamin C0%

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