What Are Some American Fast Food Chains Not In The UK?

Anybody who has spent a decent amount of time in the United Kingdom will acquaint (frequently to the chagrin) that fast-food chains such as KFC, Burger King, McDonald’s, and Subway are apparently just as many over there as they’re in the US.

But, what about the other renowned American fast-food chains, those that are wildly well-liked but have no identity in the UK? Here are a few American food chains you would not locate in the UK.

Fast Food Chains

What American Fast Food Chains You Would Not See In Britain?

The following are some of the American fast-food restaurants you will not see in the UK:

  • Arby’s:

The ones with a keen memory for the local fast food spots will recall that the UK did once have an Arby’s outlet, situated in Glasgow that was closed in the year 2000. Since then, it hasn’t been seen on the side of the pond.

  • Applebee’s:

At times, UK will try to recreate the American-style food chain. But, so far, they have missed out on it.

  • Red Lobster:

Let it be stated that the people of UK do like the seafood, particularly fish & chips. As was previously stated in the blog, this place really makes this plate wonderfully.

  • Qdoba:

Mexican-style food isn’t really all the rage in the UK (though if you look cautiously, you may locate a Taco Bell). If the place opened its doors to the people of the UK, this writer might just contemplate moving back.

  • Wendy’s:

Like Arby’s, this fast-food restaurant did once boast a few outlets in the United Kingdom but has since closed all of them. Basically, if you are a British citizen and you love the burgers served up by the mega-corporation, I am afraid you are really stuck with just Burger King and McDonald’s.


So, if you love eating fast food and are looking for one of the places mentioned above in Britain, then it will all go in vain. But yes, there are some good alternatives available that you can try out if you are really craving some fast food. We hope that one day we will get to see these restaurants opening their outlets here in the UK as well.