What Are The Names Of Subway Sauces?

It is certain that a significant chunk of the populace has once in their lifetime at least have eaten a Subway sandwich. The simple Subway emerges almost like a nuke sub prepared with the projectile launch encryption codes to hit the mark on the meal. Usually, it’s a bread roll poured with meat and numerous vegetables sprinkled with diverse types of sauces in the subway.

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Despite the fact that this sandwich only has a standard name, it doesn’t have extraordinary ingredients that denote anything, and about everything that can assist you in tantalizing your taste buds are used to make it.

So here we’re gonna talk about the lip-smacking tasty subway sauces that make the good subs an awesome one. So now let’s start with the tasty and interesting subway sauces list:

The Names Of Subway Sauces

What Are The Best Of Sauces At Subway?

The following are the best subway sandwiches sauces:

  • Blue Cheese Dressing:

Anything slathered with tangy and thick blue cheese dressing is a delight for your taste buds. It particularly holds true with the classic chicken subs or chicken strip.

  • Habanero Sauce:

Tangy, hot, and sensationally spicy, this sauce is a favorite on all the subway sandwiches for those who like that fiery taste.

  • Pesto Mayo:

This sauce subway appends basil-infused goodness to our favorite creamy mayo, which results in the super-charged goodness on the sandwich. You should swap this one out for the regular mayo.

  • Mayonnaise:

Creamy with a tangy and sweet taste, it’s already comprised of the tuna and seafood subs. It can work great with the majority of other sandwiches on the menu, and particularly the chicken and veggie options.

  • Tomato:

It is hard to go wrong with a splotch of tomato sauce. This fantastic sauce goes mainly right with the meatball melt, pizza melt, chicken strips, steak melt, and Italian B.M.T.

  • Ranch:

This ranch dressing combines all the correct spices in a creamy and tangy base, making it an ideal match for your buffalo chicken, veggie, leg ham, carved turkey, or roast beef subs.

  • Garlic Aioli:

Mayo mingles with lemon juice and garlic in this sauce. And that mingles wonderfully with just about any subway sandwich.

  • Tzatziki:

Zingy, creamy, and with just the correct refreshing hint of cucumber, this subway sauce is a total must on the smashed falafel subway sandwich. It is also great on your carved turkey, chicken, and veggie subs.

  • Honey Mustard:

Sweeter, still mellow, and a little less tangy than the traditional mustard, this sauce can work great with ham, turkey, and even chicken teriyaki.

best subway sandwiches sauces

Frequently Asked Questions Section:

Q: What Are All The Sauces At Subway?

There are different types of sauces available at the subway. Some of them are mentioned in the above section.

Q: What Is The Best Sauce In Subway?

Well, in my opinion, it totally depends on a personal preference, but honey mustard is a winner for me.

Q: What Is Subway Sauce Called?

The formal name of the subway sauce is House Sandwich Sauce, but it is usually referred to as Italian sauce and sub sauce.


While this rundown can really serve as the general guideline for various Subway sauces, keep in mind that the best subway sandwich combination relies on personal preference and whatever flavors make the heart swing. So, stop by any subway outlet now and grab your subway sandwich pairing with any of the sauces mentioned above and enjoy a delightful meal.