What Is Your Subway Order?

Have you ever stood in the line behind somebody at Subway and wondered what Subway Menu Prices UK are the best, what the person in front of you is ordering, or why the hell he is ordering it? You attempted not to care about it, but you began to judge him intensely.

What sort of person orders a buffalo chicken subway sandwich? You wondered. Well, just like your favorite pizza topping, breakfast pastry, and kind of cheese, a favorite sub sandwich can reveal much about your personality.

Are you reserved and shy or a party’s life? Do you live on the edge or play it safe? We bet the Subway order confirms a lot about your character than you may think.

So what to order at the subway? Well, good subway orders totally depend on your personal preference; what you want to eat, which subway sauce you like the most, what meat options or veggies you want to get, it all depends on your own choice.

Subway Sandwich

What Is Your Subway Order?

Whenever I go to the subway, I always try to choose some healthier options available on the menu. For examples, I consider which bread is the best at the restaurant; the meat option that is healthier than the others, and which veggies can best provide not just the flavor but also provide many nutrients such as dietary fiber, potassium, vitamin A, folate (folic acid), and vitamin C.

For the sauces, I prefer tomato and mayonnaise. But not the Lite Mayonnaise, always the whole mayo. There are also many drink options available at the subway that you can choose from. Again it depends on your personal preference, but I always like to go for either plain water or coke. Happy eating!

Your Subway Order

Frequently Asked Questions Section:

Q: What Do You Get On Your Subway Sandwich?

There are a lot of options to choose from. You choose different types of bread at subway, veggies, sauces, and meat options available that you want to eat.

Q: Can I Eat My Subway The Next Day?

Subway sandwiches are actually meant to be consumed as soon as possible. I don’t suggest refrigerating your subway sandwiches at all since it starts to lose the texture and flavor within the 1st hour of not being consumed, refrigerated or not.

Q: How Do I Pick Up My Subway Online Order? 

Each time you place your subway order, you can choose the preferred pick-up restaurant. In the Subway application, the default restaurant (it’s the restaurant you last ordered at) will be already selected in the restaurant selector when you begin the subway orders.


Subway provides a better variety of healthy options than a lot of other fast-food restaurants. Generally, meals at Subway are low in sugar and a decent source of protein and fiber; however, several are also loaded with sodium and fat.

Part of its appeal is that you can easily customize the meal, which means that you can select the healthier options available on the menu and enjoy eating healthy.