What Types Of Chicken Pieces Make Up An 8-Piece KFC Chicken Bucket?

So, whenever you go to KFC restaurants or previously known as Kentucky Fried Chicken, you can order a KFC chicken bucket of 8, 12, or 16 pieces. We are not going really deep into all of these but will only describe how many parts can make up an eight-piece KFC chicken bucket. So let’s begin!

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A whole chicken can actually be divided into nine total pieces. These actually are those pieces that KFC fries up and then serves its consumers.

Chicken Pieces

These nine pieces consist of two wings, two legs, two breasts, two thighs, and one keel. The keel is the groin area of a chicken.

It is actually the pointy part of the meat at the rear of the chicken breast, above its legs, if you’re looking at a conventionally served chicken. So an eight-piece chicken bucket consists of any eight of those nine chicken pieces that make up the whole chicken.

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