White Castle Vs. Krystal Restaurant

There is no shortage of fast-food restaurant chains providing king-sized burgers all across the United States. But when it comes to small sliders or hamburgers, there’re really just two names to mention that are actually battling it out: Krystal in the South and White Castle in the North.

The battle lines have been drawn clearly, with a few choosing one over the other. But really, which one of these restaurants is actually better? Let’s try to find out!

History Of White Castle:

White Castle was launched back in 1921 and is recognized as the oldest fast-food burger restaurant chain in the US. This place is also well-known for the sliders, square and small hamburgers. The brains behind this chain was the man named Billy Ingram, who was a former insurance guy, and Walt A. Anderson, a chef.

History Of White Castle

Throughout the White Castle’s early days, their burgers cost only five cents and remained at the level until the forties when costs went up to ten cents. Anderson is also accredited with inventing the bun for the hamburger, and White Castle gained the fame for hygiene that was unequaled throughout those times.

History Of Krystal:

Over in the South, you’ve got Krystal, started back in 1932 and is the 4th oldest fast food restaurant chain in the United States. It was opened by Rody Davenport, Jr. and J. Glenn Sherrill in Tennessee.

While the US was feeling the economic depression’s effects, Davenport Jr. thought that a clean eating place serving the best food will always draw consumers, and that actually proved to be right.

History Of Krystal

From the 1930s, this place has experienced fast growth and started providing drive-through services back in the fifties. Like White Castle, Krystal is recognized for the steamed onions and square hamburgers.

Part of the company’s success can be attributed to the fact that Mr. Davenport Jr. spent a little time going to White Castle and took some notes of what actually made them successful, and applied those rules to Krystal.

It is no surprise that the battle between White Castle and Krystal continues to date. While the different other burger restaurants have come up, when it comes to sliders, White Castle and Krystal are at the top.

Head To Head Comparison:

  • Cost:

First of all, the costs ought to be compared. Purchasing 4 White Castle burgers charge around 3.20 dollars or about eighty cents for each burger. Now, if you purchase the same number of burgers at Krystal, it’ll charge you about ninety-one cents each. That is not much of a difference in the cost, and relying on where you purchase, the costs might vary by some cents.

  • Toppings:

You also need to contemplate the fact that while both of the burgers have cheese, pickles, and onion, Krystal does come with mustard, which is something White Castle does not provide. That is what you obtain for the additional eleven cents. So while White Castle is a little inexpensive, Krystal wins the comparison of toppings. The sizes of both of their burgers are quite similar. As far as the aroma is concerned, the Krystal burgers have a little stronger scent.

  • The Taste Test:

The real deal actually comes with their taste. Digging into the burger at White Castle and you right away get the taste of something sweet and juicy. Burgers at Krystal are a little juicy, too, but they do not have that sweet flavor. It may have something to do with the technique burgers at White Castle are made.

Or it could be because of the mustard that you get in your Krystal burgers that creates such a tangy taste. The cheese in both of these burgers is almost the same, and so is the texture of beef. The onions are also impossible to tell apart, as are their pickles. But the main disparity is in the buns, as the buns that White Castle makes use of are a bit light and airy.

It is not necessarily a terrible thing, but it just feels as if there is extremely little bread, and it is mostly air. The buns that Krystal makes use of conversely are a little denser and seem to have a little more weight. Both the buns are soft, but buns at Krystal are better in terms of taste and texture.


So, if you desire a sweet burger, you should choose White Castle, but for savory and tangy burgers, it is Krystal you should go for. The other main disparity between these two is the bun, as the Krystal buns feel fuller. However, a few individuals may prefer White Castle because of the sweet and juicy taste, and it’s also some cents cheaper.

But Krystal gets more points for their buns and the tanginess, which really make you feel fuller. Since that is the only thing that actually matters when you are going out with friends to have lunch, those are great reasons to choose Krystal.

Battle Lines Drawn:

But yes, there’ll be individuals who will prefer Krystal over White Castle and vice versa. The reason does not simply have to do with the taste per se but because it is what they actually grew up with.

For better understanding, this battle between South and North cheeseburgers, remember that both places stick to their territories.

To this day, White Castle can be located in eleven Midwestern and Northern states while Krystal in many states in the South. There’re just two states where you can locate both places, Kentucky and Tennessee.