Why Is Burger King Called Hungry Jacks In Australia?

So why in Australia is the BK recognized as Hungry Jack’s? It’s a confusing point for many travelers visiting Australia, either attempting to locate a familiar spot for eating or noticing the strangely similar brand logo while traveling around.

Like KFC and McDonald’s spreading the franchises all across the globe, Burger King also tried to get access to the Australian fast food industry. But for them, it wasn’t that easy.

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Why’s It Called Hungry Jack’s, Not The Burger King?

The rights to BK in Australia were bought by John James Jack Cowin in 1971. He had a strong comprehension of the public craving for fast food and had already opened eight out of his eventual ten KFCs in Western Australia.

Burger King (BK)

Awkwardly though, the brand name Burger King was trademarked in Australia already by the drive-through burger place in Adelaide, South of Australia, and therefore it couldn’t be utilized thereby a burger giant.

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Should Hungry Jack Change The Name To Burger King?

While the Hungry Jack’s now has all the rights to the BK name, the public in Australia has been calling it by the name for nearly fifty years. There’s more than adequate goodwill from the public for keeping its name running in Australia, despite Australia being the 2nd largest Burger King franchise in the whole world.

Australians will frequently kick up a fuss over Americanizing everything or even when racialist food products get the names changed.

It just is not worth all the effort, the charges of changing all the packaging and signage across more than four hundred and twenty 420 outlets or new marketing campaigns, particularly when Hungry Jack’s is still perceived as the underdog against the fast-food giant that’s McDonald’s.